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Elementary School

École Primaire



Antonacci, Diana Cycle 3 Vice Principal
Assima, Martha Student Support Behaviour Technician
Batori, Maria Cycle 2 Teacher
Bedard, Karine  Teacher
Bell-Pierre, Jennifer Cycle 3 Teacher
Christianis, Argyro Cycle 1 Teacher
Couturier, Julie Cycle 1 Teacher
Daklaras, Maria Cycle 3 Teacher
Davey, Jill Cycle 1 Teacher
El-Baramelgui, Sandy Cycle 1 Teacher
Fancello, Patrizia Cycle 2 Teacher
Farinaccio, Rita Cycle 1 Teacher
Fathallah, Fatma Kindergarten Teacher
Fortier-Perreault, Suzy  Teacher
Franceschini, Dalisia  Teacher
Giambagno, Jessica Elementary Teacher
Giguere, Sebatien  Teacher
Gundlach, Stephanie French Teacher
Hervieux, Catherine Cycle 1 Teacher
Illiakis, Anna  Teacher
Jones, Melissa  Teacher
Kalipolidis (Interim), Helen
(Ext 8812)
 Administration Principal
Khozozian, Aline Administration Vice Principal
Lyons, Jason Phys. Ed. Teacher
MacAdams, Marie-Lynne Administration School Secretary
Mancini, Olivia  Teacher
Meziani, Naima Kindergarten Teacher
Mirarchi, Sonia Kindergarten Teacher
Moran, Kevin Cycle 3 Teacher
Mucciardi, Elisa Cycle 3 Teacher
Nathan-Frenette, Isabelle Cycle 3 Teacher
Panagopoulos, Athanasia Elementary Teacher
Pedroso, Ana Cycle 3 Teacher
Perialis, Melanie  Secretary
Petracco, Justine  Teacher
Pulice, Pia Administration Secretary
Reinblatt, Susan Resource Teacher
Rourke, Allison Cycle 2 Teacher
Rousseau, Manon Elementary Teacher
Salvatore Catino, Angelina Student Support Attendant
Sanscartier, Jennifer Cycle 2 Teacher
Scott, Samantha Elementary Teacher
Stathoudakis, Chrysoula Student Support Attendant
Steinberg, Dee Dee Student Support Attendant
Szokup, Elizabeth Cycle 2 Teacher
Tomecz, Pam Cycle 2 Teacher
Torre, Laura  Teacher
Wiseman, Sarina Science Teacher

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