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École Primaire


Bienvenue à Souvenir

School Calendar Souvenir 2018-2019 [5979]     
SAVE THE DATE-LJA OPEN HOUSE [B6155 - E. Ruggi:2018-09-24]
Monthly Calendar October 2018 (Revised) [B6176 - E. Ruggi:2018-10-02]
TCBY Order Form 2018-2019 [B6164 - E. Ruggi:2018-09-26]
Cafeteria welcome and information letter 2018-2019 [B6086 - E. Ruggi:2018-08-31]
Online Payments - Letter for Parents - 2018 [B5981 - E. Ruggi:2018-07-17]
Rules & Regulations 2018-2019 Agenda insert [B5982 - E. Ruggi:2018-07-17]
Volunteer Form Souvenir ES 2018-2019 [B6083 - E. Ruggi:2018-08-31]
DRESS CODE PRICELIST 2018-19 [B5858 - E. Ruggi:2018-05-17]
October Calendar 2018 (revised) [B6185 - M. Cortese:2018-10-15]
UPDATED SOUVENIR MENU 2018-2019 [B6192 - M. Cortese:2018-10-18]

Souvenir at a Glance


4885 Souvenir W., Laval, QC, H7W 1E1
Tel. (450)688-1944 Fax: (450)688-0539

Directeur: Eric Ruggi  
Directrice Adjointe: Michela Cortese  
: Marie-Lynne MacAdams  
: Pia Pulice  

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