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Souvenir Elementary School
4885 Souvenir W., Laval
Tel. (450)688-1944 Fax: (450)688-0539
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Two original versions of O Canada

Here is a link to the two versions of O Canada

Comedy Night to Support the Class of 2019 Graduation - February 22 2019
Graduation Comedy Night Ticket Request Form
February 2019 Revised
School Calendar Souvenir 2018-2019

Dear Students, Parents and Staff, We would like to inform you of a small change to the hot lunch menu and some new choices that have recently been added to the list of items available fresh every day! • On Mondays of week 4, the beef chili has been replaced by chicken strips, which will be served with a side of macaroni salad. • We have many items made fresh every day: - A variety of sandwiches (egg, tuna, chicken, turkey, pastrami) - Bagels with cream cheese - Cheese string - Grilled cheese - Vegetable plates - Fruit plates - Garden salad and Greek salad - Macaroni salad (made on site) - Soup (varies from day to day- chicken noodle, cream of vegetable, cream of broccoli, lentil, etc... made on site) - Yogurt - Milk - Juice - Chocolate/Vanilla/Strawberry milk - Fresh baked goods (oatmeal cookie, oatmeal muffin, carrot/blueberry/apple cake, rice krispie) - Jell-O New additions: Fresh baked butter croissants and personal size (bambino) tomato pizza made fresh on site! We hope you are enjoying the cafeteria services and look forward to continuously serve you only the freshest most delicious food! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at   Warm regards, The Soup-er-Lunch Cafeteria Staff


Registration for 2019-2020 for new students begins February 4, 2019 by APPOINTMENT ONLY. 

Please phone our secretaries starting January 29 between 9:00 and 11:00 AM at 450-688-1944 at extension 6615 or 6616 to make your appointment.

New Students – Documents required

The child's original long version birth certificate bearing parents' names A proof of parents' Canadian citizenship (Birth Certificate of the parent making the child eligible, valid passport or Canadian citizenship certificate) Child's last report card if attended a school the previous year Two Québec proof of residency (ex. Tax receipt, any utility bill, etc.) to be shown at the time of registration. Social insurance numbers of both parents to be given during registration for income tax purposes. (Relevé 24) Specialist reports (Psychology, Speech therapist etc.) for students with special needs.

A child is eligible if:

mother or father is a Canadian citizen who has received the major part of his/her primary school instruction in English in Canada; The grandfather or grandmother is a Canadian citizen who has received the major part of his/her primary school instruction in English in Canada; The mother or father is a Canadian citizen and their child has received or is receiving primary or secondary instruction in English in Canada and that such education is a major part of his/her education; the siblings of such a child are also eligible for English instruction; A child has severe learning disabilities and instruction in English can facilitate the learning process

Please visit the SWLSB website for more information on the eligibility criteria or to find out which school you are zoned for.

Online Payments - Letter for Parents - 2018
Rules & Regulations 2018-2019 Agenda insert
Volunteer Form Souvenir ES 2018-2019
Cafeteria welcome and information letter 2018-2019
Buy your Gift Cards through Fundscrip and support the Home & School

A message from the Souvenir Home and School Committee

The holidays are soon approaching and Souvenir Home and School Committee has a wonderful gift idea – Gift cards!!!

You can give Fundscrip gift cards OR you can even purchase them for yourself to do your holiday shopping, groceries, or just to spoil yourself. By purchasing these gift cards you help fundraise for Home and School, without leaving your home. It’s super easy and each purchase automatically includes a donation to Souvenir Home and School. It is not out of your pocket, you purchase a $50 gift card, you get a $50 gift card and you can shop where you would normally shop. Shipping is usually less than $1 and up to 10% (and sometimes more) of the gift card value will go to the Souvenir Home and School. Example: If you purchase $50 for a Fruits and Passion gift card, you’ll pay $0.97 for shipping, H&S will receive $6.50, and you’ll receive your $50 gift card). Please check out this link for further information

How to purchase your Fundscrip. Step1 - follow this link Step 2 - Create an account Step 3 - Shop

Every purchase gives a small amount, more purchases add up. Tell your friends and family, anyone can purchase, just use Souvenir’s code. AND

Fundscrip 2018

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