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A Word from the Green Brigade
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The Litterless Lunch Wednesday Campaign began on February 9th and continues throughout the month of March. As a reminder we are asking and encouraging students to have an eco-friendly lunch box. Each student should have reusable containers, a thermos, and a place mat. We all hope that we can count on your support to keep the environment as clean as it can be, and keep helping this planet to stay evergreen, everblue. The Green Brigade also held a dance on Feb.16 for the senior grades to raise money to purchase a cow for a Third World Country, which is a new endeavor that we have taken on….thank you to all who supported this initiative!

During the month of March, the Green Brigade continued to work towards keeping the school clean and green.  As always, the Green Brigadiers recycled milk cartons, organized lost-and-found items, and taught the primary grades about the four Rs, recycling, reducing, reusing, and rethinking.  Prompted by the Green Brigade’s efforts, Souvenir is continuing with ‘litter-less’ Wednesdays.  Last week, 205 students brought their lunches in reusable containers and the Brigade will encourage even more students to participate.  As well, a new project, begun this month, encourages all students and teachers to save energy by shutting the overhead lights and the heating system in each class on sunny days.

Three dances, held during lunch time and organized by the group, raised $183 to purchase a calf for a family in a developing country through Plan Canada’s Gift of Hope program.  The cow will provide an impoverished family with milk, and the income gained by selling milk to others will ensure the family’s self-sufficiency. 

The Green Brigade’s contribution to student life has been recognized by the Canadian Wildlife Federation.  On April 13th, the students will be participating in a field trip to the Montreal Science Center, funded by the Federation.  Since the CWF was willing to pay for 100 tickets, the Green Brigade has invited all the grade four students to participate in the visit to the museum, the viewing of the Born to be Wild 3D IMAX film on wildlife, and a nature walk.

For more information on Gifts of Hope, see Plan Canada- Gifts of Hope

Souvenir's Green Brigade win Platinum Award from City of Laval attesting to their responsibility in environmental management.
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