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Elementary School

École Primaire



Iannetta, Rosie Student Support Attendant
Salvatore Catino, Angelina Student Support Attendant
Sgarbi, Nathalie Student Support Attendant
Stathoudakis, Chrysoula Student Support Attendant
Steinberg, Dee Dee Student Support Attendant
Soulakian, Arpi Library Librarian
Ruggi, Eric Administration Principal
MacAdams, Marie-Lynne Administration School Secretary
Szaniszlo, Sandie Administration Secretary
Antonacci, Steven Phys. Ed. Teacher
Batori, Maria Cycle 2 Teacher
Bell-Pierre, Jennifer Cycle 3 Teacher
Charest, Stephanie Kindergarten Teacher
Christianis, Argyro Cycle 1 Teacher
Couturier, Julie Cycle 1 Teacher
Daklaras, Maria Cycle 3 Teacher
Davey, Jill Cycle 1 Teacher
DeCiccio, Stephanie Kindergarten Teacher
El-Baramelgui, Sandy Cycle 1 Teacher
Fancello, Patrizia Cycle 2 Teacher
Farinaccio, Rita Cycle 1 Teacher
Fathallah, Fatma French Teacher
Gagne, Linda Cycle 3 Teacher
Gundlach, Stephanie Kindergarten Teacher
Hervieux, Catherine Cycle 1 Teacher
Jones, Mélissa Cycle 2 Teacher
Lamoureux, Philippe Cycle 3 Teacher
Levesque, Marie-Claude Cycle 3 Teacher
Lounis, Hakim French Teacher
Lyons, Jason Phys. Ed. Teacher
Meziani, Naima Kindergarten Teacher
Mirarchi, Sonia Kindergarten Teacher
Moran, Kevin Cycle 3 Teacher
Mucciardi, Elisa Resource Teacher
Neill, Christina Mathematics Teacher
Pedroso, Ana Cycle 3 Teacher
Rannie, Carolyn Cycle 2 Teacher
Reinblatt, Susan Resource Teacher
Rourke, Allison Cycle 2 Teacher
Sanscartier, Jennifer Cycle 2 Teacher
Szokup, Elizabeth Cycle 2 Teacher
Tomecz, Pam Cycle 2 Teacher
Torre, Laura Cycle 2 Teacher
Varadi, Polly Cycle 3 Teacher
Wiseman, Sarina Science Teacher

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Word of the Day: CHAR
Definition: (verb) Burn slightly and superficially so as to affect color.

Synonyms: blacken, sear, scorch.

Usage: The fire charred the ceiling above the mantelpiece, and my mother had to hire a painter to cover up the discoloration.

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