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Elementary School

École Primaire

May '21
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Antonacci, Diana
(Ext 6611)
Administration Vice Principal
Batori, MariaCycle 1 Teacher
Beaudoin, Valerie Teacher
Bedard, Karine Teacher
Brar, Amanjot Kaur Teacher
Cardone, Kristen Teacher
Cernero, Anastacia Teacher
Christianis, ArgyroCycle 1 Teacher
Couturier, JulieCycle 1 Teacher
Daklaras, MariaCycle 3 Teacher
Davey, JillCycle 1 Teacher
De Feudis, Lucrezia Teacher
El-Baramelgui, SandyCycle 1 Teacher
Fancello, PatriziaCycle 2 Teacher
Farinaccio, RitaCycle 1 Teacher
Fathallah, FatmaKindergarten Teacher
Ferrara, Bianca Teacher
Fortier-Perreault, Suzy Teacher
Franceschini, Dalisia Teacher
Giguere, Sebatien Teacher
Gundlach, StephanieFrench Teacher
Illiakis, Anna Teacher
Jones, Melissa Teacher
Kalipolidis (Interim), Helen
(Ext 8812)
Administration Principal
Lyons, JasonPhys. Ed. Teacher
MacAdams, Marie-LynneAdministration School Secretary
Mancini, Olivia Teacher
Martorella, Sarah Teacher
Meziani, NaimaKindergarten Teacher
Mirarchi, SoniaKindergarten Teacher
Moran, KevinCycle 3 Teacher
Nathan-Frenette, IsabelleCycle 3 Teacher
Panagopoulos, AthanasiaElementary Teacher
Pedroso, AnaElementary Teacher
Petracco, Justine Teacher
Pulice, PiaAdministration Secretary
Reinblatt, SusanResource Teacher
Rourke, AllisonCycle 2 Teacher
Rousseau, ManonElementary Teacher
Salvatore Catino, AngelinaStudent Support Attendant
Sanscartier, JenniferCycle 2 Teacher
Stathoudakis, ChrysoulaStudent Support Attendant
Steinberg, Dee DeeStudent Support Attendant
Szokup, ElizabethCycle 2 Teacher
Tomecz, PamCycle 2 Teacher
Wiseman, SarinaScience Teacher

Kindergarten Countdown (Important information for parents)

Weather, Events, Calendar, 2 Weeks
May-24: Victoria Day Holiday No School
May-28: Ped Day No School
Jun-14: Ped Day No School

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