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Elementary School

École Primaire



Arvanitakis, Andie Student Support Attendant
Batori, Maria French Teacher
Beaudin, Dominick French Teacher
Bedard, Karine French Teacher
Buffone, Cathy Student Support Attendant
Cardone, Kristen Elementary Teacher
Christianis, Argyro Cycle 1 Teacher
Couturier, Julie French Teacher
Daklaras, Maria Kindergarten Teacher
Davey, Leslie Jill Cycle 1 Teacher
Dematos, Goretti Behaviour Technician
DiBella, Amanda English Teacher
El-Baramelgui, Sandy French Teacher
Farinaccio, Rita Kindergarten Teacher
Ferrara, Bianca Cycle 3 Teacher
Ferreira Morris, Alannah
(Ext 6620)
Technician Daycare Coordinator
Fortier-Perreault, Suzy French Teacher
Franceschini, Dalisia French Teacher
Galanis, Glykeria Cycle 2 Teacher
Greene, Michelle Marie French Teacher
Gundlach, Stephanie Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
Iannetta, Rosie Student Support Attendant
Ianni, Lina Professional Occupational Therapist
Imeri, Bekim Janitorial Caretaker
Jones, Melissa French Teacher
Kalipolidis, Helen
(Ext 6610)
Administration Principal
Leduc, Stephane Phys Ed. & Health Teacher
Linhares, Ginette Student Support Attendant
MacAdams, Marie-Lynne
(Ext 6615)
Administration School Secretary
Mancini, Olivia Cycle 3 Teacher
Meziani, Naima Kindergarten Teacher
Mirarchi, Sonia English Teacher
Moran, Kevin Cycle 3 Teacher
Mulqueen, Kelly-Ann Student Support Attendant
Nathan-Frenette, Isabelle French Teacher
Panagopoulos, Athanasia Resource Teacher
Pedroso, Ana Kindergarten Teacher
Petracco, Justine French Teacher
Pulice, Pia
(Ext 6616)
Administration Secretary
Rashidan, Kia Professional Speech Lang. Pathologist
Robin, Donna Professional Psychologist
Rourke, Allison Cycle 2 Teacher
Salvatore Catino, Angelina Student Support Attendant
Sanscartier, Jennifer Cycle 2 Teacher
Skoufaras, Sunday
(Ext 6611)
Administration Vice Principal
Smith, Cheryl
(Ext 6624)
Guidance Spiritual Animator
Steinberg, Dee Dee Student Support Attendant
Szokup, Elizabeth English Teacher
Tanner, Toni Librarian
Tessier, Christian Phys Ed. & Health Teacher
Tomecz, Pam Cycle 1 Teacher
Torre, Laura English Teacher
Villalta, Kristine Resource Teacher

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Word of the Day: MALEDICTION
Definition: (noun) The calling down of a curse.

Synonyms: imprecation.

Usage: They muttered maledictions and curses, but we ignored them.

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