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Elementary School

École Primaire



Calendar Souvenir 2017-2018 REVISED [B5411 - E. Ruggi:2017-08-31]
Daycare Registration 2018-2019 [B5861 - E. Ruggi:2018-05-18]
Dress Code 2017-2018 [B5326 - E. Ruggi:2017-06-30]
DRESS CODE FITTING & ORDER DATE JUNE 7 2018 [B5859 - E. Ruggi:2018-05-17]
DRESS CODE PRICELIST 2018-19 [B5858 - E. Ruggi:2018-05-17]
Free Hebrew Classes After School in 2018-2019 [B5873 - E. Ruggi:2018-06-04]
Information Regarding Dress Code Supplier 2017-2018 [B5329 - E. Ruggi:2017-06-30]
June 2018 R [B5886 - E. Ruggi:2018-06-12]
Online Payments - Letter for Parents - 2017 ENGLISH [B5327 - E. Ruggi:2017-06-30]
Online Payments - Letter for Parents - 2017 FRENCH [B5328 - E. Ruggi:2017-06-30]
Souvenir Daycare Rules & Regulations 2018-2019 [B5862 - E. Ruggi:2018-05-18]
SOUVENIR MENU 2017-2018 updated Feb 2018 [B5721 - E. Ruggi:2018-02-02]
Summer Camp at Souvenir [B5869 - E. Ruggi:2018-05-29]
The Lice Crew - Lice Temoval Clinic in Montreal [B5482 - E. Ruggi:2017-09-30]

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Word of the Day: SHENANIGAN
Definition: (noun) Reckless or malicious behavior that causes discomfort or annoyance in others.

Synonyms: mischief, devilment, roguery, devilry, mischievousness, rascality.

Usage: Mr. Jones had had enough of Billy's shenanigans and sent him to the principal's office in the hopes that she would be able to straighten the unruly student out.
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