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École Primaire



19-11-19 Souvenir GB Minutes [B6920 - H. Kalipolidis (Interim):2020-01-07]
19-11-29 Souvenir Newsletter [B6872 - H. Kalipolidis (Interim):2019-12-02]
20-01-07 Souvenir Newsletter [B6919 - H. Kalipolidis (Interim):2020-01-07]
2019-2020 Registration [B6767 - H. Kalipolidis (Interim):2019-10-03]
2019-2022 Educational Project [B6551:2019-06-28]
Calendar December 2019 [B6871 - H. Kalipolidis (Interim):2019-12-02]
Calendar January 2020 [B6918 - H. Kalipolidis (Interim):2020-01-07]
Pizza and Frozen Treats Orders [B6697:2019-09-10]
SES Cafeteria Menu as of 2020-01-07 [B6921 - H. Kalipolidis (Interim):2020-01-07]
Souvenir Game Design Winter 2020 [B6896 - H. Kalipolidis (Interim):2019-12-06]
Souvenir Zumba After school 2020 4-6 [B6892 - A. Khozozian:2019-12-05]
Souvenir Zumba After school 2020 K-3 [B6891 - A. Khozozian:2019-12-05]
Winter Session 2020 [B6895 - H. Kalipolidis (Interim):2019-12-06]
Winter Session 2020 [B6869 - H. Kalipolidis (Interim):2019-11-29]

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Word of the Day: TEETOTAL
Definition: (adjective) Practicing complete abstinence from alcoholic beverages.

Synonyms: dry.

Usage: I happen to be teetotal, so I will forgo the wine being served with dinner.

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