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A message from the Souvenir Home and School Committee

(Mabel's Labels)

Souvenir Elementary Home and School would like to welcome our new Kindergarten parents! It is an exciting time for you all and we have a fundraiser to help you prepare for the 2021-2022 school year. First let us introduce ourselves…….

The Souvenir Home and School Committee is an energetic, friendly group of parents who are dedicated to enriching school life for all Souvenir students. It’s a great way to help our school and our children.  Everything we fundraise goes back to the school and students, through activities, supplies, subsidize field trips and much more. Check us out on the Souvenir website.

Mabel’s Labels has durable, colourful labels that you can customize to your child’s likes. Part of the profits go automatically to the Souvenir Home and School Committee.

Step 1.   Go to:

Step 2.  If I is your first time, click on "I agree"

Step 3.  From the drop-down menu chose "Souvenir Home & School Association (Laval)

Step 4.  Click  "Clickk here to buy"

Step 5. Shop!

If you have any questions you can reach out to us at  Welcome to Souvenir and have a great year!


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