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Elementary School

École Primaire


Home and School

Pizza and Frozen Treats Orders [B6697:2019-09-10]

Home and School Committee


Executive Members

President:   Gary Ersan

Vice-President: Elizabeth (Liza) Michalidis

Secretary: Martine Williams

Home & School Treasurer:   Natasha Gamsaragan

Co-Treasurer: Despina Vafiadis

Membership:   Shani Taylor

Newsletter:  Andrea J. Petschner

Fundraising:  Elizabeth (Liza) Michalidis and Andrea J. Petschner

Volunteers:  Franca Folino and Rachel Primiani



e-mail for Home and School:






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Synonyms: dry.

Usage: I happen to be teetotal, so I will forgo the wine being served with dinner.

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