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Dear Parents/Guardians,

Please note the following important information with regards to our Covid protocol:

  • As our response is time sensitive, should your child test positive for COVID, please bring it to our attention immediately (via phone message or email) including during weekends.
  • Once an individual in our school tests positive, Public Health is advised and an investigation follows. All decisions with regards to isolation procedures, length of isolation period, and who is to remain at home is decided solely by Public Health. The school does not select who goes home and who remains.
  • The procedure to date has been that a specific class of students who have been in close contact with a confirmed positive individual is sent home for distance learning for a period of time determined by Public Health.
  • Once the class is sent home, Public Health follows up with letters informing parents of the next steps to take and the dates of isolation.
  • Online learning is available for the isolated class.  Individuals asked to isolate due to close contact with a positive case on a bus are requested to follow work provided by their specific teachers.
  • Should a child in a confined class test negative, they are still required to remain home for the duration instructed by Public Health.

Please note that these directives are not school based.  They are instructed by Public Health.

Thank you for your ongoing support & understanding.

We are all in this together.

Stay safe.


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