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Governing Board



Dear Parents,

Our 2020-2021 governing board will have all their meetings via ZOOM this year.  If you wish to attend any of our upcoming meetings, please send your request via email to ( to receive the ZOOM meeting details.  The agenda of our meetings will be posted on our website approximately 5 days prior.

Meeting dates to begin @7pm:

Sept 22nd, 2020  *                                             February 16th, 2021

October 20th, 2020                                           March 16th, 2021*

November 17th, 2020*                                    April 20th, 2021

December 15th, 2020                                       May 18th, 2021*

January 19th, 2021*                                         June 17th, 2021

*Fixed meeting dates

A public question period is included on the agenda about halfway through the meeting. The period is for questions to be addressed to the Chair of the governing board only. The question period will be a maximum of 20 minutes per meeting. Questions from the public must be submitted to the chairperson of the Governing Board at least 48 hours in advance and will be prioritized.  However, time permitting questions from the public will be heard.

Questions can be sent to the following email address:



Krikor Bijian (Chairperson)

Gary Ersan (Treasurer)

George Foutrakis

Peter Koutroumanis

Darren Lisak (Vice-Chairperson and Alternate Delegate to the SWLSB Parents Committee)

Christos Strifas (Delegate to the SWLSB Parents Committee)

Peter Ferentinos (Substitute)

Maysa Samara (Substitute)



Maria Daklaras

Jill Davey

Bianca Ferrara

Olivia Mancini

Athanasia Panagopoulos (Substitute)



Alannah Ferreira-Morris



Cheryl Smith-Debanne (Secretary)



Vacant position

Vacant position



Helen Kalipolidis (Principal)



Kindergarten Countdown (Important information for parents)

Weather, Events, Calendar, 2 Weeks
May-24: Victoria Day Holiday No School
May-28: Ped Day No School
Jun-14: Ped Day No School

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