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The logo for Souvenir School shows three children of multi-ethnic origin holding hands in front of and below a circular globe. The three children represent the three cycles: (K,1,2); (3,4); (5,6) in the school, at once linked to one another and to the world as a whole. Their different cultural identities are a symbol of the diversity of the community we serve. Their placement in the foreground of the logo makes the point that children come first at Souvenir School. Sporting the school colours of blue and white, each child’s clothing prominently displays a symbol of the main principles the school seeks to emphasize in its teaching. The apple represents health. Souvenir School promotes healthy living, nutrition and well-being and is an active supporter of the “École en Santé” program. The peace sign is an internationally recognized symbol. It demonstrates our desire to teach children to live in harmony with their surroundings and to have respect for themselves and of others. The text book stands for literacy. Souvenir School is dedicated to encouraging early literacy and instilling in children a desire for lifelong learning. The globe behind the children is an illustrated circle in which landmasses painted green appear amidst blue waters. The green earth says we are a green school, environmentally conscious and caring of the footprint we leave behind for our future generations. Circumventing the upper perimeter of the globe and bringing all of these themes together is the motto “Peace by Peace, We Succeed”. The words emphasize the joint commitment of educators, students and parents of the Souvenir School community to act responsibly, with respect for one another in an environment nurturing the ability and readiness to learn.

School Attendance Zone

  • From the intersection of Autoroute 13 and Autoroute 440 to the intersection of Autoroute 440 and Boulevard Labelle;
  • Boulevard Labelle to Chemin du Souvenir;
  • Chemin du Souvenir to Boulevard Elisabeth;
  • Boulevard Elisabeth to Boulevard Notre-Dame;
  • Boulevard Notre-Dame to Boulevard Samson;
  • Boulevard Samson to the property line behind and excluding Boulevard Hôtel-de-Ville to the intersection of Hôtel-de-ville and Rue Principale;
  • An imaginary line from this intersection to the intersection of Boulevard Saint-Martin and Autoroute 13.
  • Autoroute 13 to the point of departure.

Zone Map click here

The map describing the attendance zone for this school is intended to provide a general overview of the territory this school serves. Parents must contact the school in question in order to confirm admissibility to the requested school.

Philosophy / Mission

Souvenir School is committed to providing an environment that promotes student self-worth in which the unique social, emotional, physical and intellectual needs of elementary school learners are addressed. Combined with home and community, the environment gives students the opportunity to develop their potential. Souvenir's mission is to foster the development of lifelong learners and responsible citizens.

General Information

Souvenir School was originally founded as a high school for the St-Martin School Board in 1963. It is located 20 km north of Montreal close to Autoroute 13 in the Chomedey area of Laval.

In 1965 it became an elementary school for the Chomedey community. Through the years, Souvenir has maintained a thriving, multicultural population. Souvenir has a long tradition as a meaningful and challenging learning experience in a warm and positive environment.

Parent Participation

Parents are involved with the Governing Board and Home and School Organization. Parents coordinate fundraising activities and volunteer actively in all aspects of school life. Parental involvement is highly encouraged and appreciated


The philosophy of Souvenir Elementary School is that all children can be successful. It is also our belief that when parent, child, and staff communicate in a positive way on a regular basis, the child will succeed.

Proposed 2022-2023 Program:

Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten

  • 50% English
  • 50% French

Cycle One, Two, Three Programs as per the MEQ Program

  • Mathametics
  • English Language Arts (ELA)
  • Science
  • Éthique et culture religieuse (ECR)
  • French Second Language (FSL)
  • Geography, History & Citizenship (GHC)
  • Arts dramatiques
  • Arts plastiques
  • Éducation physique

Inclusion: a resource teacher works with the classroom teacher to include and take into account the special needs and learning styles of all students.

Computers: training with a focus on current technologies, in-class computers and Internet access.

Enrichment: One Cycle 3 FSL class per level offers an enriched program. In addition, an introduction to STEM is offered through hands-on and project-based collaborative activites with a clear focus on planning, building and problem solving.


Inclusive education, library, gymnasium, computer labs on carts, psychologist, speech-language pathologist, occupational therapist, nurse, social worker, resource teacher, behaviour technician, spiritual care animator, before-&-after-school program, cafeteria, pizza day.

Events and activities

Our physical education program is an integral part of school life at Souvenir. The superb Physical Education program includes clubs and tournaments in basketball, soccer, flag football, handball, ball & ice hockey.

Extended programs include gymnastics exhibition, winter camps, Terry Fox Run, and Jump Rope for Heart.

There are a variety of field trips during the year for students in all cycles.

Annual activities are an Award Assembly each term, corn roast, storyteller, school-wide drama productions, reward days, gradbook, visiting theatrical groups and other artists.

Other Information

The staff, composed of competent, conscientious and dedicated individuals, is the driving force behind the success of Souvenir Elementary School.


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