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Welcome to Souvenir

Find My School Instructions Find My School Link

Dear Parents,

Our department is launching a new application available on our school board website: “Find my school”!

At the tip of your fingers, you can find which school your home address is zoned for. 

Although you have a child already attending a SWL school, this new application may be of use should you be planning to move to a different attendance zone.

We want to take this opportunity to remind you that it is crucial to notify your child’s school of any change of address to ensure accurate information in your child’s file.

The School Organization & Transportation Team

Canadians @ School [B3141:2014-11-26]

Dear Educators,

Seasonal Craft
Celebrate the holidays in your classroom with the Canadiens Advent Calendar! This new craft, available in the “Crafts” section of the Teacher’s Toolbox, features pictures of current Canadiens players to help build anticipation for the holidays and the start of the World Junior Championship. Students can easily create their own advent calendar using the fun and festive templates. 

World Junior Championship Lesson Plans
The IIHF World Junior Championship is coming to Montreal! Explore the history and the Canadiens’ connections to this exciting tournament with two new language arts lesson plans and a student take-home booklet. All content can be found in the “Lesson Plans” section for cycle 2 and cycle 3.

Read to Succeed Program
Don’t forget to submit your class’s November reading results (under Program Incentives in the “Read to Succeed” section) to receive the digital Participation Certificate featuring Manny Malhotra!

Visit to download the exciting new content.

Your Canadiens@School Team

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4885 Souvenir W., Laval, QC, H7W 1E1
Tel. (450)688-1944 Fax: (450)688-0539

Principal: Carmela Sacco  
Vice Principal: Tania Marchitello  
School Secretary: Karen Tomeo  
Secretary: Felicia Piccolo  
Secretary: Helen White  

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Word of the Day: DISCIPLE
Definition: (One who embraces and assists in spreading the teachings of another.) noun

Synonyms: adherent.

Usage: An avowed disciple of Jonson and his classicism and a greater poet than Fletcher is Robert Herrick, who, indeed, after Shakespeare and Milton, is the finest lyric poet of these two centuries.

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