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Welcome to Souvenir

Adopt a School got underway yesterday and our team has been doing a great job! I’m very excited to be supporting your school this year as one of our employees attended Souvenir Elementary. For the next 20 days we aim to get as many books into your library as possible so you can refresh and renew the shelves for your current and future students.

Our clients understand the importance of reading, but they are not all aware of the condition of books in the school system. In that light, we would ask if we could borrow examples of your more outdated and worn books, so we can show our customers exactly why their donations are so important, and what they will be helping to create. Please contact either myself or our Head of Store, Debra Aubin about arranging the loan.

To celebrate Love of Reading's 10th Anniversary this year, you can adopt your school every day for FREE and the top adopted school in each province will win $10,000 in books. Spread the word to students, family, friends, and staff of Souvenir Elementary, and direct them to where they can help get more books into your student’s hands with just a few clicks.

And now for the fun news! On Saturday, September 27, 2014 from 10am to 3pm our kids department will be hosting an event and your students have a special invitation to join us as we show them how they can make their own books! That same weekend, September 26-28, is our Teacher Appreciation weekend at Indigo Chapters Coles. Let your teachers know that all they need to do is come by the store with a valid Teacher ID and they will get 30% off all regular priced and bargain books, gifts, home décor, and toys.

I look forward to meeting your students and staff, and I know that we will give our very best, to get Souvenir Elementary the library it deserves.

Marissa Stimpson
Indigo Laval
900 le corbusier
Laval, Quebec
H7N 0A9

Indigo Adopt a School Poster [B2755:2014-07-04]
Other News
The Golden Touch Auditions [B91:2014-09-10]

Our School Board will be participating in a massive extra-curricular project for the creation of a children’s book/CD called "The Golden Touch". This musical transatlantic super production is being produced by opera singers and musical directors Dimitris Ilias and Maria Diamantis.

If your child is interested in auditioning for this major production please fill out the pre-registration form and give to your school secretary.

Souvenir at a Glance


4885 Souvenir W., Laval, QC, H7W 1E1
Tel. (450)688-1944 Fax: (450)688-0539

Principal: Carmela Sacco  
Vice Principal: Tania Marchitello  
School Secretary: Karen Tomeo  
Secretary: Felicia Piccolo  
Secretary: Chrysoula Stathoudakis  
Secretary: Helen White  

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