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Elementary School

École Primaire


Welcome to Souvenir

19-20 SES CHOIR REGISTRATION [B6722 - H. Kalipolidis (Interim):2019-09-13]
2019 Complete Fall Session [B6725 - H. Kalipolidis (Interim):2019-09-13]
2019 Hebrew Letter to parents [B6723 - H. Kalipolidis (Interim):2019-09-13]
Registration Greek 2019-2020 [B6710 - H. Kalipolidis (Interim):2019-09-11]
Registration Hebrew 2019-2020 [B6724 - H. Kalipolidis (Interim):2019-09-13]
19-09-06 Souvenir Newsletter [B6748 - H. Kalipolidis (Interim):2019-09-23]
19-09-23 Cafeteria Update letter [B6746 - H. Kalipolidis (Interim):2019-09-23]
September 2019 [B6747 - H. Kalipolidis (Interim):2019-09-23]
SOUVENIR MENU 2019-2020 [B6745 - H. Kalipolidis (Interim):2019-09-23]
2019 Fal_ Hip-Hop Registration [B6729 - H. Kalipolidis (Interim):2019-09-17]
19-06-17 Souvenir GB Minutes [B6766 - H. Kalipolidis (Interim):2019-10-03]
19-09-27 Souvenir Newsletter [B6765 - H. Kalipolidis (Interim):2019-10-03]
October 2019 [B6764 - H. Kalipolidis (Interim):2019-10-03]
2019-2020 Registration [B6767 - H. Kalipolidis (Interim):2019-10-03]
Pizza and Frozen Treats Orders [B6697:2019-09-10]

Souvenir at a Glance


4885 Souvenir W., Laval, QC, H7W 1E1
Tel. (450)688-1944 Fax: (450)688-0539

Principal: Helen Kalipolidis (Interim)  
Vice Principal: Aline Khozozian  
School Secretary: Marie-Lynne MacAdams  
Secretary: Pia Pulice  

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